Corporate Info

Our mission is to provide leading technology, tools, proprietary well planning and directional drilling software and experienced MWD/LWD and Drilling Engineers to provide value added services for our customers to drill their wells more efficiently and at less cost.


Wellpath Energy Services, LLC is based in Houston, Texas. We provide horizontal, directional, and performance drilling services to the Independant Oil & Gas Industry in North America. While much of our activity today is centered in North America, we have the depth of experience to provide services to customers Internationally. Our mission is to focus narrowly on bringing current advanced technology, tools and experienced MWD and Drilling engineers to our customers in the safest environment possible with a superior value proposition. We provide quality engineering services and well planning to commence a well, along with superior field operations in a daily focus on service  to our customers. Additionally, on the job safety management is an objective of all of our drilling and MWD engineers in performing our services on the rig.

Our Experience

At Wellpath Energy Services, we draw on decades of experience of senior managment and drilling engineers in horizontal and directional drilling. All of our directional drilling engineers and MWD engineer associates are dedicated to providing outstanding results in a professional environment. Our total focus is to provide our Independent Oil and Gas customers with the advice, experience and current technology that is required  to optimize their performance, Horizontal/Directional drilling programs.

Wellpath Energy Services principals and senior drilling engineers have deep experience drilling in many regions, climates and formation structures. This diverse experience offers our customers confidence in our ability to collaborate on decisions to solve challenges and improve performance.