Horizontal / Directional Drilling Services

Overview Wellpath Energy is a technical leader in the horizontal / directional drilling industry. Our advanced drilling tools includes the newest generation of MWD tools and  proprietary drilling software.

Our  drilling equipment offers greater functionality and reliability than the older technology being used by many all of our competitors.

Drilling Optimization We monitor every section of every well as it is being drilled, so we can make any required bit, motor or strategy changes immediately. Our directional drilling engineers have drilled all over the world and North America. We have learned from every well in every field and formation and constantly offer our customers consultation and advice from our experiences. Because of our experience  drilling in many locations and geology, our customers seek our advice and we have regularly set records for drilling the fastest wells in an area.

Our drilling experience and types of directional wells can vary from short radius build up sections ,medium radius build up sections, long radius build sections, extended reach wells, build and hold wells, sidetrack wells, re-entry wells and/or “S” curve wells.

We also include  in-depth well plans, modifications as needed, and daily updates that will provide the most economical and safest way to drill your well.

Wellpath’s experienced senior drilling engineers are available to consult with you and oversee your Horizontal/Directional drilling needs on a turnkey basis as well as our experienced MWD/LWD engineers will provide up to date real time logging information to your geology team on each well as requested.

GAMMA – Vision Underground Gamma gives you an underground vision of the formation you encounter as you drill. By measuring gamma counts and plotting them over depth, you can identify distinctive barriers or layers underground. Looking at cross sections of formations allows the team to make any necessary adjustments to the well path and drill with more precision to hit the target.

Real Time Snapshots In traditional drilling practices, samples take time to travel to the surface. The reality is that by the time particles reach the surface and get analyzed, you could be in another formation, or something else might have changed. In the alternative, using Gamma gives you quick access to the information you need to make important decisions.

Performance Drilling

Wellpath Energy Performance Drilling services enables a high-quality well at less cost-per-foot in the fastest time possible. We have extensive domestic and international experience in this more advanced approach for a better well that is more cost effective.

Our integrated package of products and services can be custom designed to meet the demands of your well operating plan. This application-specific drilling service is engineered for dynamically stable, high-torque performance so you can drill safer and more efficiently to reach production faster; increase BHA and drill string durability; minimize ledging, breakouts, and bottlenecking; improve casing and cementing operations; and facilitate high-quality logging.

Our reliable, cost-efficient service offers you the knowledge and experience to optimize job execution, including application engineering, high-performance drill bits, durable straight-hole motors and vertical steering systems, and optimized drilling fluids.

Well Planning

At Wellpath, we provide turnkey services for our customers including well planning. This commences with the discussions of objectives and the well planning process. Streamlined permitting and successful wells start with the well plan. We  communicate with our customers to ensure that we create a well plan that meets our customer’s unique needs, including revisions as needed. Throughout the process we are available and provide our experienced drilling input and our well planner will utilizes the latest well planning software to build a robust blueprint of our customer’s projects.

As we move from the well plan to well commencement, our customers consult with our senior management team allowing our directional drilling engineers to have all the necessary information to begin the requested drilling operations. All of our field personnel are equipped with the appropriate hardware and software to continuously monitor and direct the drilling operation while coordinating with the company and rig operator. While we are drilling a customer’s well, our field personnel and senior management are available to the customer twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. During the well drilling operation, accurate, detailed reports are provided to our customers on a daily basis and at the end of the job, a detailed and bound completion report is delivered to the customer along with digital copies being available.

Well Surveying

Wellpath Energy Services has the most up to date downhole surveying tools available.

Our MWD / LWD systems with Wellpath Technology Pulsers  can handle extreme drilling conditions, and we can also add Gamma Ray to our retrievable or non-retrievable MWD string.

Wellpath Energy Services also offers magnetic single-shot surveying kits, magnetic multi-shot surveying kits, gyro single-shot surveying kits, gyro multi-shot surveying kits with our experienced survey engineers.

Multi-Lateral Well Drilling

Multi lateral well technology is changing the way that oil and gas reservoirs are accessed.

The capability to produce wells with numerous branches that can target widely spaced reservoir sections provides indefinite options in optimizing economic extraction of oil and gas. This unique opportunity also brings an inherent complexity of well architecture.

Wellpath Energy Services has drilled multi lateral wells in various geologies and in numerous countries including North America    to a successful outcome, proving our experience to drill these extraordinary types of horizontal wells.

These types of wells present many different and difficult challenges but with our experienced Horizontal/ Directional drillers and office support services, be assured Wellpath Energy Services will bring your wells to a successful conclusion.

Underbalanced Well Drilling

Underbalanced drilling is a procedure used to drill oil and gas wells where the pressure of the well bore is kept lower than the formation pressure that is being drilled. As the well is being drilled, this allows formation fluids to enter the well bore and flow up to the surface.

The normal method for drilling an oil and gas well is in an overbalanced procedure, which stops the reservoir fluids from entering the well bore. In underbalanced drilling a specialized rotating head in attached to the top of the blow out preventer at the surface and essentially seals and diverts these fluids to a holding tank while allowing the drill string to keep rotating and drill ahead.

Drilling underbalanced wells have several advantages over conventional wells. the elimination of formation damage, differential sticking, reduction in loss circulation problems and with the advantage of increased penetration rates. With our experienced staff, be assured that Wellpath Energy Services will get your underbalanced well drilled to a successful conclusion