Positive Displacement Mud Motors

posiWith our fleet of positive displacement motors, we have the ability of drilling a wide range of hole sizes. All motors that Wellpath uses are cut for a drill string float valve. This reduces the amount of connections in your BHA. Wellpath motors also come with a rotor catch system. This ensures that the inner rotor assembly is not left down hole.

At Wellpath Energy Services, we have an oil-sealed bearing assembly and a high pressure rotary shaft seal design to extend the bearing life. This helps extend the bearing life by not allowing abrasive drilling fluids to come in contact with the bearings. These motors also come with a fine adjustment housing, allowing for more refined build rates.

All of Wellpath Energy PDM mud motors are equipped with a rotor catch system to make sure every mud motor ran downhole has the ability to return to surface in one piece. All positive displacement mud motors provided by Wellpath Energy have a top sub cut to accommodate a drill string float, this allows for the drill string to be filled while tripping out of the hole preventing wet trips, and also reducing the number of connections in our bottom hole assemblies.