MWD Services

ret(MWD) Measurement While Drilling Services / (LWD) Logging While Drilling Services

Wellpath Energy Services’ experienced engineers provide 24hr. on site supervision with our MWD / LWD Services. We provide highly experienced Engineers for every tool to ensure a successful well, whether it is the standard MWD with Azimuth and Inclination or our extended MWD Service Package with the option of Gamma Ray probe and our LWD Resistivity tools.
The MWD data is displayed in real time telemetry while you are drilling to help ensure that you reach your expected targets. The System provides frequent tool face updates to help ensure the correct tool face orientation of the downhole mud motors to the desired azimuth.

Wellpath Energy Services’ MWD systems are easily assembled in the field and can be configured with a Gamma Ray probe to operate in various formations and down hole temperatures. These tools have a down hole maximum temperature range of up to 347F or 175C.
Logging reports are printed out on location and sent to your team of Geologists giving everyone up-to-date information while drilling your well.