Rotary Steerable Drilling

rotary-steerable-motorRotary Steerable technology boosts the efficiency and lowers the overall cost of Directional Drilling operations. Using these proven systems, Wellpath Energy Services can optimize hole quality and wellbore placement, while achieving faster rates of penetration and extending reservoir exposure.

A Rotary Steerable System or RSS is the leading edge of drilling technology used in Directional Drilling. It employs the use of specialized downhole equipment to replace conventional directional tools such as mud motors. RSS is designed to drill in any desired direction with continuous rotation from the surface, eliminating the time-consuming need to slide a steerable motor.  The desired steering direction of the RSS can be changed at any time by the Directional Driller at surface using a specific combination of commands sent through varying flow rates or drill string RPM.

Wellpath’s senior management and drilling engineers are among the most experienced teams in North America and abroad to provide RSS services.

The multi-disciplinary advantages of RSS are vast reaching to both the geoscientists and drilling engineering communities. Continuous rotation of the drill string allows for many benefits to optimize the drilling process, including: Faster rate of penetration, improved hole cleaning / cuttings transportation, reduced tortuosity and optimum weight transfer for extending the limits of producible zone. Providing a steering method that is less aggressive allows for dynamic geosteering to place the wellbore on target without impeding the overall drilling speed.

Combining the Wellpath M/LWD platform and our Rotary Steerable System you will be able to drill your well on target in the least amount of time. Contact us for more information on how Wellpath can help you!