Underbalanced Drilling

Underbalanced drilling is a procedure used to drill oil and gas wells where the pressure of the well bore is kept lower than the formation pressure that is being drilled. As the well is being drilled, this allows formation fluids to enter the well bore and flow up to the surface.

The normal method for drilling an oil and gas well is in an overbalanced procedure, which stops the reservoir fluids from entering the well bore. In underbalanced drilling a specialized rotating head in attached to the top of the blow out preventer at the surface and essentially seals and diverts these fluids to a holding tank while allowing the drill string to keep rotating and drill ahead.

Drilling underbalanced wells have several advantages over conventional wells. The elimination of formation damage, differential sticking, reduction in loss circulation problems and with the advantage of increased penetration rates. With our experienced staff, Wellpath Energy Services will get your underbalanced well drilled to a successful conclusion.