Service Center

Our primary service location is  our operating center in Houston, Texas near the airport and trucking hubs where we have immediate access to all tools and equipment and transportation to satisfy our customers needs and challenges. Houston has the largest and most experienced energy service and manufacturing industry for the oil and gas industry in the world and we founded our company in Houston to have the availability of equipment and technology.

Through our Operations Center in North Houston, Wellpath Energy Services can provide you overnight support whether you are in North America or Trinidad by serving  you globally by air freight. We have also established warehouse and inventory facilities in partnership with our vendors in Dubai. Our domestic and global experience gives a foundation of great pride in ensuring our customers requirements are met and completed with proficiency and professionalism.

Working in remote areas of North America and foreign countries bring many logistical factors in to play that must be overcome to ensure a successful completion. Our experience working in many different countries has given us the knowledge to assist our clients with unique drillling talent as well as with highly technical, operational and regulatory issues that different countries present in providing equipment and tools.